Halloween Movie Madness: Day 26

Tonight we watched Antebellum that was directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz. It stars Janelle Monae as Veronica Henley, an outspoken African-American author. It's difficult to talk about the movie without giving away the plot. However, I can say that it raises some very difficult feelings regarding slavery and racism. Watching this made my heart break for her. I highly recommend it.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 22-25

So over the past few days we've watched several movies: Tremors, Porno, Snatchers, and Hatchet.

We had tried to watch Tremors once before, but we both fell asleep. Not an indication of the movie, just our ability to say up late on a Friday night.

It seemed that Gregg wanted to watch movies about murdering your business, and by that I mean your downstairs. Porno is told like an after-school special focusing on good Christian behavior and what happens when you don't follow it. Kids find a porno reel that releases a succubus. You can do the math on that one. There are some pretty graphic images that might be upsetting. Then we watched Snatchers. We see what happens when you don't say no to your pushy boyfriend. You get pregnant with alien babies that he picked up in Mexico. I'm not even making this up. It was riding the satire line hard, but I didn't find it funny enough to be good. Again, this is pretty graphic. So maybe skip it.

We finished the weekend with Hatchet. It tells the New Orleans “myth” of Victor Crowley who was deformed and accidentally killed with an ax. The story was invented for the movie. Still, if you like slasher horror with a dash of sarcasm, you might like it. There's a cameo of Robert Englund, too.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 21

Tonight we watched Tremors directed by Ron Underwood. It stars Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as the fight giant worm-like creatures in the desert town, Perfection. Gregg and I actually started this once before, but we both fell asleep during it. It's fun enough with some nice creature effects. Adding Michael Gross and Reba McEntire is a treat. You even get an appearance from Victor Wong. It's worth a watch if you want a newer monster movie.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 20

Tonight I watched two old flicks, The Crazies (1973) and Suspiria (1977).

First up is my attempt to watch all the movies by George A. Romero. Crazies shows what happens in a small town when a military plane goes down carrying a deadly virus. It's not zombies, just crazies (roll credits). It's a long movie with some very shaky camerawork and bizarre jump cuts. It's not his best work. It's funny, though, that I'm seeing the pattern that some people who are in low-budget horror never get out it.

Suspiria is a movie I saw at Murphyween. I'd never actually sat and watched it all the way through. A young American girl is enrolled in a European dance studio. While there, weird things happen. Maggots in the ceiling, missing dancers, weird sounds at night. People say this movie is strange. What I found the most disturbing was the sound. It was deafening and strange at one moment, and then immediately dropped to normal speaking. I'm sure it was on purpose, but it was hard so late at night. I've only seen one other film by Dario Argento, and that was Phantom of the Opera with Julian Sands. I didn't care for it. This was fine, but not amazing.

(So now I'm one ahead and will be until I miss one.)

Halloween Movie Madness: Days 15-19

We have several movies to talk about over the past few days. Friday we had The Final Girls and The Blackwell Ghost. Sunday we watched The Collector. Tonight we watched Little Monsters.

TFG stars Taissa Farmiga (American Horror Story) and Malin Akerman (Watchmen). It's a funny movie with a few good scares. If you love meta-movies, this might be for you.

Blackwell is supposed to be a documentary by Turner Clay trying to prove a house is haunted. It's only an hour, and it's all found footage. There are some really unnerving moments, but nothing ground-breaking.

The Collector tells the story of a small time jewel thief who discovers the family he's robbing has been taken hostage by a Saw-like psychopath. This was one of the rare movies I didn't like. It was mostly torture porn with none of the redemption of Saw. The timeline was suspect, and the actions of people were absolutely baffling. It actually gave me disturbing dreams.

Little Monsters (2019) has been advertised on Hulu for some time. Lupita Nyong'o (Us) is a kindergarten teacher. She takes her class on a field trip, but it because overrun with zombies. She will do anything to keep her kids safe and unaware of the danger. Along the lines of Shaun of the Dead, it was really good.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 15

Tonight we watched Tigers Are Not Afraid. It's a Spanish language film directed by Issa López. It's a supernatural horror mixed with the very real aftermath of the drug cartels in Mexico. You follow several children as they try to survive being chased by the local drug lords. Estrella (Paola Lara) is given pieces of chalk that seem to have some magical powers. However, when she makes wishes, there are disastrous results. It's a curious mixture of real world alongside with the realm of the dead.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 14

Tonight we watched 1BR written and directed by David Marmor. I'm starting to see a pattern with horror movies having the same writer and director. Sarah (Nicole Brydon Bloom) is trying to start over in LA, and she's finally found the perfect apartment in a friendly complex. But as any horror fan would know, things aren't as they seem. The community won't let her leave, and the break all her ties to her friends and family. It's a nice turn on some old tropes. I'll warn you that there might be some gruesome images, so tread lightly.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 13

Tonight we watched #Alive. It's a 2020 Korean zombie flick. It's directed by Il Cho, and it looks like this is his first big film. Ah-In Yoo (Oh Joon-woo) plays a young man stuck in his apartment complex as an outbreak beings. As in three minutes into the movie and things have gone sideways. He discovers that across the quad, Shin-Hye Park (playing Kim Yoo-bin), is also stuck. They strike up a friendship as the days pass waiting for help. Ah-In delivers a touching and devastating performance. We don't know where the zombies came from, we don't know how it will be fixed, we just follow the stories of two people. I highly recommend this one.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 12

Tonight we watched Hubie Halloween on Netflix. We were specifically looking for something fun. It's directed by Steven Brill, who also directed Movie 43 that I didn't like. It stars Adam Sandler. I can take or leave him, and this was one of those roles that I don't love. They all seem to be the same guy. The movie was fine, but not exactly what I was hoping for.

Halloween Movie Madness: Day 11

Tonight we watched The Host (2006). It's directed by Joon-ho Bong (Snowpiercer and Parasite) and stars Kang-ho Song (Gang-doo) and Ko Asung (Hyun-seo) with a cast of supporting characters. A creature emerges from the Han River. It attacks and kills many, but it also takes a few with it. Hyun-seo is taken, but her father Gang-doo believes she's still alive after receiving a phone call from her. The family bands together to try and find her, but they aren't the smartest bunch. They're also being dismissed by the power that be, so no one will take them seriously. While this is a monster movie for sure, it's also a film about how far we'll go for the people we love. The movie is long, clocking in at two hours, but we need some of that for world building and character development. After everything that happens, the ending fell flat for me. However, maybe you'll think differently. Give it a try.