January 14th, 2020


Book a Week: Week 2, Book 1

I've continued The Witcher insanity by heading into Season of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski. I read some articles regarding the best order to read the books in order to keep up with the TV series. They all said read the short stories first, and I have done that. But the surprise was the suggestion to read the last book next. I have to assume it has the most to do with the current season, and the least to do with what seems to be a developing story with the Blood of Elves. So far I'm enjoying it, but it is a strange book for sure. We meet up with Dandelion and Geralt in a small kingdom, and there we meet Coral, who I actually remember from the games. But the story starts with Geralt being arrested and put on trial, with actual trial lawyers like you would see on TV. It's very strange, because I can't remember a mention of this kind of thing before. Also, I've encountered what I think is the very first mention of a date, in that of July 1, 1245. I'll have to do some digging to see what was happening in our time line then.

“What a woman has a natural right to,” replied Coral, dryly, “cannot – ipso facto – be immoral.”

“The crux is mutual understanding and respect. One mus even differ with grace.”

“Physicians who don't know magic ought to be banned from practising,” drawled the sorceress, putting in the stitches. “Lecture at universities, why not? Sew up corpses after post-mortems, by all means. But the shouldn't be allowed to touch living patients.”

Bonus points for the usage of plafond, cabotage (1), calpac, bootee, proviso, bast (2), skint, physick (n), campanile, disquisition, baksheesh, naiant, imbroglio, furbelow, rapaciously, confraters, tristesse, peregrinations, dissemble (1), mogote, deshabille, cresset, and buffer.