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Halloween Movie Madness: Days 19-21

We had a busy couple of days. We decided to watch quite a few movies. We started with The Conjuring 2. The main reason we watched this was to get to the next movie, The Nun. C2 just felt like one long preview for the other movie. They were both okay. Nothing terribly new or exciting there.

Then we watched a really interesting movie called One Cut of the Dead. It's a Japanese zombie movie. The first part is all in one take about 35 minutes long. Then we go into the backstory of the movie, which then leads us into the final act of watching them make the one cut movie from the beginning. It really has a unique flavor, even if it's not really on the horror side. But it's worth the watch just for the novelty of it all.

I finished up Monday night with some Supernatural. I'm in season five, and it looks like we're about to wake the Horseman of Death.

It's a little harder to watch movies right now. Gregg's schedule is different, and so I would have normally been watching them around 7pm. Now I'm not starting until after 8pm, and I like to get to bed early. So I have to watch shorter movies.
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