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Book a Week: Weeks 44-48, Book 26

The Witcher series continues with Blood of Elves by Andrzej Sapkowski. This is the first book that is an entire novel to itself. We see our friends again. This time we're dealing with Ciri and her education and training, both as a witcher and a sorcerer. The book brings in historical and political information. Not really remembering the countries and rulers, I had a small difficulty trying to connect them back to the game. I remembered the names but not the significance. I was hoping I would run into more people I remembered from the game, but I've come to realize that they take place after the books, like sequels. Still, this was an interesting start to what will be a long journey. The books are bleak, and there are no easy answers.

In the meantime, I realized I started with the wrong book first. So many people said to start with The Last Wish, but it seems that Sword of Destiny was actually the first. So I might go back and read that now. It's also a collection of short stories.

"We are all children of Mother Earth." The grey-haired druid's voice resounded in the silence. "We are children of Mother Nature. And though we do not respect our mother, though we often worry her and cause her pain, though we break her heart, she loves us. Love us all."

"I waited here, in the tavern - it wasn't fitting, after all, for me to follow you into that haven of dubious delight and certain gonorrhoea."

"The sword. On your back. Why have you got the sword on your back"
"Because someone stole my oar."

Bonus points for the usage of goliard, arcade (2a), peccadilloes, malodorous, gorget, cadaverously (2a), soporific, galliass, and trice (n).
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