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Book a Week: Weeks 49-52, Book 27

More of The Witcher in Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski. This was the book I was supposed to read second. It's full of short stories. I'm just barely halfway finished, so I won't reach it by the end of the year. This is might be a first of carrying something over into the new year. I'm enjoying the stories for sure. All of these were new for me so far.

     “I think,” Dandelion said, trembling slightly, :that down there in the depths, at the very bottom of this bloody ocean, crouches a huge monster, a fat, scaly beast, a toad with horns on its vile head. And from time to time it drawn water into its belly, and with the water everything that lives and can be eaten: fish, seals, turtles – everything. And then, having devoured its prey, it pukes up the water and we have the tide. What do you think about that?”
     “I think you're a fool. Yennefer once told me that the moon causes the tides,”
Dandelion cackled.
     “What bloody rubbish! What does the moon have to do with the sea? Only dogs howl at the moon. She was having you on, Geralt, the little liar of yours, she put on over on you.”

Bonus points for the usage of biretta, snug (n.), decurion, pallet (1), bint, hierophant, oakum, provender, scree, potage, cochineal, barbican, lamia, inviolable, kilim, fry (n., 2), feign, palliasse, short shrift, and the phrase “the tide has turned.”
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