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Book a Week: Week 1, Book 0

I decided to start the year as 0 since I was still reading Sword of Destiny by Andrzej Sapkowski. Out of the three books I've read so far, I think I like this one best. It has the most interesting stories. It also has the best interactions of Ciri and Geralt. I also really enjoyed the section with Geralt's mother. I've been enjoying The Witcher TV servies. Some people have been complaining about it skipping around. I think the books really helped me prepare for that. Since I recently read the stories, I know what's going on and I'm used to it.

“Very well, very well. You won't be a princess. You'll become a hamster and live in a burrow.”

“The sword of destiny has two blades. You are one of them.”

“No,” she interrupted, “I do not take anything. I just take people by the hand. So that no one will be alone in that moment. Alone in the fog...”

Bonus points for the usage of equerry, cresset, cormorant, sough, and flacon.
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