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Books, Singing, and Other Stuff

10 June
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I'm a classically trained soprano still trying to find her niche. I take pride in my instrument and the training I've undergone over the years. I love performing. I'm also heavily involved in my local theatre.

I'm a goth living near Philly, but I'm not the uber-goth. It's too damn expensive. However, I enjoy most gothy things. I'm not the pretentious type. In fact, I can be pretty silly. I'm a little crazy, as my friends will attest to, but mostly harmless.

When I'm not performing, I love reading and playing video games. I know, those two things alone can suck up a tremendous amount of time; but I'm pretty solitary by nature.

I have two cats, a little black dress, and a freakishly disturbing obsession with squirrels. Other information will be dispensed on a strictly need-to-know basis =P

Thank you, drive through.